Human-in-loop voice assistant for your support calls.

Callup AI helps you answer telephone queries in real time with the help of Lisa - our AI voice assistant. Lisa converses with humans on a phone call but quickly involves our human call centre agent when she is stuck.
We are building Lisa - an artificially intelligent bot that speaks for your business. She can be tailored to your business needs very easily.
Go ahead and talk to her! Be nice, start with a hello or hi and ask her to get your account statement. She will oblige.


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About Us

All of us, at some point of time, had called a customer care and had to wait for more than 5 mins. We wanted to solve this problem and Callup AI was born.

Arjun has worked for 7 years in the field of topic modelling, information retrieval, natural language processing and context querying. He often shows up in top 10 in Kaggle competitions he participates in. Ex Amazon employee, Arjun loves to read deep net papers and try out their Keras implementation. He is the go-to-guy for anything deep learning at Callup AI.

Parth hates doing anything that’s repetitive. He realised that he had to build a backend for every new project. He built Daptin to automate that. He has built a massively scalable & distributed big data software for the recommender system at Flipkart (Amazon for India.)

Yash, our super ninja for building complex conversational flows, loves talking to customers about their pain points. In his spare time, he goes cycling around Bangalore.

Shardul looks after the product & keeps getting business for Callup AI.

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